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Alyssa. 21. North Carolina. horses, animals, nature, Ed Sheeran, love. we should be friends, talk to me! :)
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Buckskin heavy show cob.

Gorgeous, give me.

“Who in the world am I?
Ah, that’s the great puzzle.

 Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland (via wordsnquotes)

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If you don’t know that The 1975’s songs are all about drugs, weed, sex, and blowjobs, then you probably shouldn’t be listening to their music. If you think the song is about actual chocolate or have to ask which song references blowjobs (the answer is like half of them plus “the 1975” is literally an entire song about road head), then you’re probably 12 and you don’t need to be sullying your innocent ears.
I really don’t think kids under 18 should be allowed at their concerts either. It’s just inappropriate.

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My girlfriend is amazing and talented and y’all should go follow her <3

Today I tried out the Whisper app.

My first post caused me be messaged by a porn talent scout who was basically trying to sext me. No thank you. I think I am done now.

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