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Alyssa. 21. North Carolina. horses, animals, nature, Ed Sheeran, love. we should be friends, talk to me! :)
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This is so perfect, for the time you look at this image, you don’t know if it’s a boy and girl, a girl and a girl, a boy and a boy, a black man and a white girl, a white man and an asian girl, you know nothing. Just the simplicity of the connection and the beauty of two human beings sharing love and that is all that should ever matter.
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ladies dont start fights, but they can finish them.

that is a cat with a hairbow how is that relevant to the caption

Uncultured swine
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I wasn’t kidding when I said my horse is just a very large dog.
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remember when you put your glasses on for the first time and you realized you could see leaves on trees

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As an introvert, I don’t hate interacting with people. I love it.

In small and meaningful doses.

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If something is ‘old as fuck’ then it’s about 1.2 billion years old because that’s when life evolved sexual reproduction.


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